The Significance of Flower Tattoos

It might seem like floral tattoos are a favorite mainly among women, but don’t think that men shy away from these types of tattos. Because of their multiple meanings, flowers are chosen by some men also. Tattoos are no longer just decorative elements: they have become a way great way to express feelings and values. Tattoos represent us. Therefore, we will clarify the meaning of flowers when it comes to tattoos. What is the message in a flower tattoo?

Flower Tattoos – Beautiful & Complex

Maybe you think that a floral tattoo is quite commonplace and uninspiring. Indeed, floral tattoos are among the most popular, but are by no means trivial. There are plenty of models to choose from, and the most important aspect is that nature never ceases to amaze us with its beauty, so everything related to flowers can inspire you.

But we shouldn’t forget that flowers are symbols in all cultures of the world, so their significance is complex. And, without exaggeration, floral tattoos are very beautiful, delicate and oftentimes feminine.

Here are the most popular flower types and their meanings:

1. Rose

We start with the most present flower when it comes to floral tattoos. The rose is the flower of beauty and love, but it is not only a positive symbol. You’ll see why. The rose can symbolize as well jealousy and revenge because of its thorns. Flower color is relevant to its significance.

  • The red rose is the symbol of eternal love, passion and respect. Is the tattoo of the aligning and romantics, but also of the conservatives and the ones able to sacrifice for their faith and values?
  • A white rose represents purity and innocence. It is often associated with purity of the Virgin Mary. If drawing shows a faded rose it symbolizes death.
  • The yellow rose is a symbol of friendship and is suitable for a charismatic person, always willing to help his relatives and a natural desire to live and to love life. Beautiful, right?
  • A pink rose is a symbol of beauty, elegance and admiration. They call it the wedding rose, therefore, for an inspired bride an inspired tattoo would be the one with a pink rose. Possibly matching the floral package fragrance of love.
  • There is a black rose tattoo which, unlike what one might think, symbolizes overcoming a difficult period and the beginning of a better period.

2. Lily

Lilies are among the most tattooed flowers when it comes to floral tattoos. If you wish to tattoo a lily, it means you are characterized by purity and innocence. In terms of colors, lilies tattoo is among the few who, most often, is made neutral: draw the outline and the interior is colored by your tone of skin. It is frequently tattooed also the pink lily, symbol of vanity.

3. Sunflower

Or the tattoo of a bright yellow! Sun symbol, sunflower is a representation of eternity, of cyclicality, continue rebirth influenced by the sun. It is usually chosen by people with an unusual passion for something, arts, music or painting.

4. Orchid

Appreciated in any depiction, especially in tattoos. Black orchid is frequently encountered, which is the most appreciated in nature also. It’s a tattoo reserved for mysterious and secretive people. In white, symbolizing passion and sensuality.

5. Iris

A flower tattoo highly appreciated for its symbolic meaning. It seems that the three petals of the iris symbolize faith, value and wisdom.

Yes, flowers are one the best options when it comes to tattoos. Because of their multiple meanings, flowers find their way into art, mythology, folklore. Certainly, everyone can find a flower that reflect their thoughts and feelings.

What flowers would you tattoo?

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