Tattoo Ideas for Dog Lovers

Thinking about getting a new tattoo, or even your first tattoo? If you are a dog lover, this is the chance to show the world just how much your pooch means to you. One of the great things about doggie-love tattoos is that there are endless possibilities to consider. Here are 4 ideas for unique and eye-catching tattoos for dog lovers.

Paw Prints

Paw prints are a great way to celebrate your dog and they can be as simple or complex as you would like. Paw print tattoos are beautiful whether a simple outline or an artistic rendition of your pup’s paw. For a more understated look, you could go with a tiny paw print on the inside of your finger or behind your ear. Want to be bolder and expressive? Grab some finger paint and get an impression of your dog’s actual paw print and have it tattooed on your upper back or shoulder. Add color, geometric designs, or floral design inside the paw print to really make it pop.

Dog Portraits

For those that just can’t get enough of that cute puppy dog face, this may be the way to go. Have your tattoo artist create a tattoo from a picture of your dog and then choose how small or large, color or not, and where to place it. Nothing says “I love my dog” like their adorable face on your arm, back, or leg. Portraits are also popular with remembrance tattoos honoring your furry friend that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Outline Only

A simple outline image of your dog is a simple, yet artistic way to show the world how much your dog means to you. Whether you choose an outline of their entire body, just their head or face, or even an action shot, outlines are classic without going overboard. Outlines also hold a lot of creative opportunity regarding the types of lines and the overall effect you are going for.

For the Inner Artist

Was art your favorite class in school? Do you stop to notice colors and lines and unique beauty? Work with your tattoo artist to develop an artsy themed dog tattoo. Choose watercolor effects rather than a simple fill-in of color. If you love tribal designs or flowers, incorporate your pup’s image into those designs. For something simple but unlike countless other tattoos, request an origami pattern on the inside of the tattoo.

Meet with your tattoo artist to discuss the type of dog tattoo you want and what you are trying to express with your tattoo. Show them design ideas that you like and see what other ideas they have. Whether you choose a dog lover tattoo on display in the studio or work with the tattoo artist to create a custom statement about the dog you love, the opportunities are endless!

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