Tattoo Sleeves: Things To Consider

A series of small designs or one large tattoo covering the arm is referred to as a tattoo sleeve. This style begins at the shoulder and continues downward to the wrist. The tattoos generally reflect a theme such as various animals, reptiles, plant life, etc. Tattoo sleeves are becoming more and more popular.

The Tattoo Placement

A tattoo sleeve requires a lot of thought. You must first decide the extent of the area you want to cover. You can have a full sleeve from shoulder to wrist, a partial sleeve from wrist to elbow or elbow to shoulder, or you can simply select a few tattoos you like and have them randomly placed. You can always add more tattoos to fill in the entire area at a later date. The tattoo artist you choose can give you a number of options to consider.

Color Or Black And White

Tattoos with color are vibrant and make a statement. A rose colored bright red will look realistic and a mermaid’s scales are glorious in scintillating blue. First make certain you are not using any ink in a color that will not look good on your skin tone or any color you do not like. Tattoos done in black, grey, and white can have a powerful message especially if they represent a significant theme. Gauge your tattoo according to your preferences because you want something you will be proud to have.

Tattoo Restrictions

In some sectors there are restrictions placed on tattoos. The United States Marine Core placed a ban on tattoo sleeves in 2007. The only exceptions are for individuals already accepted into the Marines with existing tattoo sleeves. There are additionally numerous employers who have a policy against any visible tattoos. If you plan to enter the service check out any restrictions in your particular branch. If this is an employment issue consider the implications of wearing long sleeves throughout the summer.

The Cost Of Tattoo Sleeves

If you decide you want to have a full tattoo sleeve all at once you must consider the cost and the time this will take. This will require numerous visits to your tattoo shop and it will be expensive. If you can afford the time and money that is fantastic and have fun. If cost is an issue, consider getting one or two small tattoos at a time. If you remain with the same artist and they know that you intend to eventually turn your tattoos into a sleeve they can easily accommodate your needs. Your tattoos can gradually be worked together to form a sleeve over a period of time.

The Design

Choosing your design is exciting and the choices are almost endless. There are a broad range of designs, such as feathers, animals, religious, floral, tribal, and so many more. You can choose your favorite verse from a song, a book, or a poem. Inspiration is everywhere and all you have to do is look. If there is something in your life that is important to you or a specific memory that brings you joy, you can have a tattoo created to represent the moment.

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