Pros & Cons Of Glow In The Dark Tattoos

Have you thought about getting a glow in the dark tattoo? If so, you need to do some research, and to weigh the pros and cons.

Unique Visibility

The number one pro would be that you don’t have to quit your day job if you get one. If you get a glow in the dark tattoo no one will know unless you are in a dark room with them. How is this done? With regular tattoos, the artist uses ink that has either metal, plastic, or vegetable based ink; a glow in the dark tattoo artist uses a phosphorus-based solution that is invisible in the light. Existing tattoos can be inked with this invisible solution for an awesome effect!

However, as with any new idea, there are cons to go with it. There are concerns about glow in the dark tattoo safety, as well as their high cost.

Health Concerns

One type of ink used in glow in the dark tattoos is phosphorus based, and can be dangerous to your skin. The FDA has not approved phosphorus use in tattoo inks, and you may not know this, but phosphorus is also used in explosives, matches, pesticides, detergent, and fireworks. Phosphorus can be toxic is some forms and can cause serious, though rare, side effects, such as blistering, pain, burning, and rashes. Some people have reported more swelling with phosphorus-based ink tattoos than a traditional tattoo, and have even been forced to have the tattoo removed.

The way you tell if there is phosphorus in the ink is if it will glow on its own in a dark room. If it doesn’t, then it is most likely UV-based, which we’ll look at next.

If you are still thinking about getting a glow in the dark tattoo, there are alternatives. Think about getting a UV tattoo. The ink used in UV tattoos does not contain phosphorus. It is invisible by day but glows in ultraviolet light. UV lights use ultraviolet colors to make a tattoo design glow. These colors when seen in the light are invisible to our naked eye, and only become visible in the dark under an ultraviolet light.

Whichever tattoo you decide to go with, UV or phosphorus-based, make sure that you test your skin for how it reacts to phosphorus; you would not want to spend a lot of money on a tattoo that is going to cause a nasty rash or worse.

So now that you are armed with the knowledge needed to make a decision on glow in the dark tattoos, it is our hope that you will choose a tattoo that you love, and that’s also a healthy choice for your skin. If you’d like more information about getting a tattoo, visit the San Marcos Tattoo Emporium, located downtown in San Marcos, TX.

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