Lotus Tattoo: A Brief History

As tattoos become more popular and their sentimental value continues to grow, many people may find it important to choose a tattoo they feel a connection to. Since a tattoo is permanent, the connection should be unbreakable as well. Many are turning to lotus flower tattoos, not only because they are beautiful and alluring, but also because of their rich history and deep meanings. If you are someone looking to get a lotus tattoo, this brief history and look into the beautiful symbolism is just for you.

Lotus Tattoos: Symbolism

Rebirth. Purity. Triumph. These are a few of the ideals that describe a lotus tattoo’s meaning. The lotus flower itself is a symbol. A flower goes through the difficult process of existing in the muddy darkness and battles toward the light where it will bloom and meet its full potential. This is where the triumph lies. In this triumph is also a sense of rebirth. Before it was a blossomed lotus flower, the plant was something else entirely and after its triumph it has become something beautiful and strong. The purity of the beautiful flower lies within the colors, which we shall delve into.

Lotus Tattoos: Colors and History


In Buddhist culture, lotus flowers are revered as a sign of mental and spiritual enlightenment. Since white is typically considered a pure color, the Buddhists adopted this belief and use these flowers to guide their meditations. When considering what color to get for your lotus flower, remember that white is a great choice for those seeking spiritual enlightenment and for those who feel they have found it. It is also a great choice for those seeking inner peace and a sense of strength.


One of the more uncommon color choices, green lotus flowers also offer beautiful messages and symbolism. The color green on a lotus flower is said to be good for anyone trying to create good habits or a healthy new start on life. This touches lightly on the earlier idea of rebirth. If you are someone who has gone through a life changing experience, or have made a life altering choice that you are proud of, this would be a great color choice for you on your lotus flower. With a green lotus flower you will be able to dazzle with the beautiful artwork and also share the Buddhist belief of the gift of good fortune.

Lotus Flowers: A Rich History

It is not in the Buddhist culture alone that these flowers have deep meaning.


In ancient Egypt the lotus flower can be seen in numerous hieroglyphs and works of art.The Egyptians shared the belief in rebirth when it came to the lotus flower because of the way it disappeared into the water at night only to reemerge and greet the sun the next day.

Lotus tattoos are beautiful works of art with deep meaning. There are many colors, cultures, and renditions to the beautiful piece of art and each one is a great for seekers of strength and inner peace. The great aesthetic is a plus.

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