Celebrating, Honoring and Remembering Our Loved Ones Who Passed Away: Part 2

Today we go over ink for honoring those we love who have passed. A thing to consider for those who wish to honor them, whether it is family or someone close to you, the tattoo is yours to pick. It doesn’t have to be cheery, but it can be.

Honoring them means knowing how they lived and what they loved. Treating them with respect. Before getting a tattoo of their face (which is actually very common, and the sentiment is great) be sure that it is what you want to see constantly, because well it is your body and your choice. Another thing to keep in mind is that with such a detailed piece of ink, the upkeep and maintenance of it will be pretty extensive. If this is the route you go, you need to make sure that you get someone you trust to do photo-realistic art. You should feel proud to wear it, especially since this is not the time or type of tattoo that picking the cheapest artist is a good idea. Comic-style faces tend to translate to skin better as well.

There are a couple of low profile tattoos that those close to them may like. Simple dates of birth and passing can work, with or without roman numerals, and any symbols near it, left to right, or stacked on top. The name of the person can work very well. By itself it represents the simplest possible tattoo, or add a “rest in peace”, or “In memory of”. When a friend of mine passed away recently, she had just finished a tattoo she had been waiting forever to actually get. It was a cactus (her favorite) and a heart, because she was the kind of person who just wanted to make sure everyone was loved. So for honoring her, that would be perfect, and it just so happens to be beautifully simple.

Another thing that the family and friends can do, is actually get ink together. In the immediate aftermath, many feel lost and unsure of how to proceed. But if you can find the time to do something that brings you all closer together, you can find fellowship. As humans, we are social creatures. We need each other. There is nothing wrong with that either, we can’t help it. Doing it together can also help to truly come to terms with what has happened. Also, after you may go out to eat or whatever, which will bring a mood of recounting all the tales of loss and love you shared with the deceased throughout the years. Anything that creates brotherhood in times like that, is something to be praised. Even if they aren’t matching, or you don’t get one, going with someone to help them get closure is an awesome thing you can do for someone who needs it. The shared pain, memories, closure and more is something we hope helps.

Like I have said, your tattoo will be your choice. But if you feel like it is something you need to do, there is no reason you shouldn’t start brainstorming today. This one goes out to our friends who can’t be here.

Now that you are armed with the knowledge needed to make a decision on getting a tattoo in remembrance of someone you lost, stop by San Marcos Tattoo Emporium to brainstorm your ideas and answer any questions you may have.

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