The Little Known Health Benefits of Body Piercings

In Eastern cultures, the health benefits of body piercings are well known and documented. These health benefits range from relieving physical pain symptoms to treating emotional or psychological problems by strategically placing piercings throughout varied parts of the body. Whether it be arthritic or chronic joint pain, back pain or spinal ailments, digestive dysfunction, migraine headaches, anxiety, or emotional and mental distress, body piercings have been proven to offer an effective holistic alternative to traditional Western medicine.


Age old Traditional Chinese Medicine has long practiced acupressure of the ear, also known as auricular therapy, which deals with identifying specific meridian points located on the back and front of the human ear. It is thought that there are hundreds of different meridian points across the whole ear that are directly associated with various points on the body, whether it be organs, the spine, teeth, or even parts of the brain that control our emotions and other impulses. In acupressure, each of these numerous points can be pressed with a specialized solid silver or gold tool to stimulate a specific spot on the body. When this tool is used in the correct way by an experienced auricular therapist it can bring relief to a wide range of ailments.

For Chronic Ailments

Outside of using specialized tools to conduct proper acupressure, an auricular therapist will often suggest permanent ear piercings in precise locations to alleviate more chronic or sustained health ailments. For example, if a person is suffering from anxiety or depression that is triggered by a certain stressor, then a specifically located piercing will be conducted to alleviate discomfort when this stressor is present. Since obviously, the therapist will not be present to use the necessary tool to conduct the therapy, the piercing will act as a sort of stand-in therapist as the presence of the body piercing is always there to offer relief.

Across the Body

The ears themselves are not the only place throughout the body where acupressure can be performed by stand-in body piercings. Piercings of the facial skin and all across the body can also act to treat numerous health ailments as each body part also contains hundreds of their own meridian points. For example, navel or belly button piercings are thought to relieve ailments associated with fatigue, depression, gynecological distress, constipation, or cystitis pain. Piercings of the eyebrows are thought to offer relief from eye strain, vertigo, or emotional and physical shock.

Always Consult a Professional

While body piercings in the Western World are generally undertaken for their aesthetic beauty or as a form of self-expression, the holistic health benefits that they are known to offer within Eastern Medicine should also be considered. If you are suffering from any form of short-term or chronic health ailment, then be sure to consider identifying the corresponding acupressure or meridian points throughout the body when deciding where to get your body piercing placed. To get the full holistic health benefits that such piercings offer, be sure to get your body piercing done by a professional that is experienced and skilled in the art. And finally, always make sure that you regularly clean and sanitize any piercing locations and the ring, stud, or object used in the piercing itself.

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