Celebrating, Honoring and Remembering Our Loved Ones Who Passed Away: Part 1

Humans are amazing creatures. We may be the apex predators of our world, but just as much as we have the capacity for the bad, there is just as much if not more capacity within us to do good. Burying friends family, coworkers and our significant others can show you both of these. Whatever may have happened, anytime there is an accident, keep in mind this Mr. Rogers quote, “As a child, I was always reminded that when we see disaster, look at the helpers. There are always more people trying to help.” It’s a sad reality. But there is a reason that so many people want to be celebrated for their life, not mourned. I know these words offer little comfort to those currently struggling, but hopefully here we can find a way to honor them in your own way. Whether you plant a tree for them, or you’re like us and you want to get some ink, this is something for you at the end of the day. This article is about starting to get an idea.

There are several different styles of tattoos that people commonly get to honor their loved ones. Whatever you get though doesn’t have to be obvious, but it doesn’t need to be hidden either. A great first step is thinking of what you can do to celebrate the life they lived more than anything. What did they love to do. What filled them with so much joy, that remembering them doing that thing makes you smile. It could be something simple. The use of symbols to represent what they loved is a great start. For someone who was an outdoorsman in their free time, you might want to get a pine tree, or a wheel if they mountain-biked. That is a little cheesy, but the things that might end up meaning the most to you is something shared between the two of you together. I bring up this first because, more than anything, if you can celebrate them, the life they lived, and the people they touched, then you are on the right track. How you met, your weekly rituals, what you shared as hobbies. The right answer is not something I can give to you. The right answer is truthfully whatever will make you the happiest to remember. This goes double for the kind of person who wanted to have people treat their funeral like a party. To grieve together, but celebrate first and foremost. Someone who was your significant other, will have a different vibe altogether. That is absolutely something to consider getting a more serious tattoo for.

The next part of this we will cover honoring their memory, family and friends, and grieving together, We hope this has sparked some thoughts in your head about what to consider. There is no right way or wrong way to grieve. The next article will go over honoring their memory by honoring how the lived and what they saw core to their identity.

So now that you are armed with the knowledge needed to start making a decision on remembrance tattoos, it is our hope that you will choose a tattoo that you love, and that’s also a symbol of your lost one. If you’d like more information about getting a tattoo, visit the San Marcos Tattoo Emporium, located downtown in San Marcos, TX.

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