The Most Painful Spots To Get Tattoos

We previously went over some of the least painful spots to get tattoos. There is a wide variety of places to get tattoos on our bodies. Where you choose to get one should be preceded by several other questions. What kind of tattoo do I want? What will the final design look like? How big will that design actually be? Will I want to hide the tattoo in certain situations?

If you are fortunate to work in the service industry or be your own boss, congratulations! Your boss may not care at all about what kind of tattoos you have or if they are showing. But even if you have a great employment situation, you may still want to be able to hide them for meeting your special other’s parents, legal hearings, job offers, things of that nature. With that being said, here are some of the most painful spots to get tattoos. Some of them offer a lot of room and the ability to use the design in concurrence with your body’s geometry to get some really cool effects. So while you may decide to get one in these areas, it is always good to factor in the pain as well!

The most painful areas to get tattoos includes the feet, though this is just the tip of the iceberg. The feet are a great place to get a medium-sized design that can be covered up if needed. As with a lot of places that hurt, there is a lot of nerve endings and almost no muscle to speak of.

As well, the elbow is a great place to use the design in conjunction with your body’s geometry. Often times you can have a circle design of some sort and have the elbow be at the center of that circle. But the “hellbow” sits right on your funny bone, and topical anesthetics may not cover it for pain. The elbow is another place that can be covered with business casual, but can let fly for days off, but the size of your tattoo will once again need to be medium.

If you are looking for a place to get a huge tattoo, the rib cage offers a ton of real estate space. But just like other places that hurt, there is barely any muscle to speak of. That on top of the fact that you will be getting intense work done right on your rib cage means you need to prepare mentally for some pain. But this is one of those places that even though it hurts, the reward can be worth it. Plenty of space and easy to cover up even if wearing a tank top, the ribs exemplify the no gain without pain mantra.

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