Traditional VS Neo-Traditional Tattoos

When it comes to comparing traditional and neo-traditional tattoo styles, there is one thing to keep in mind and that is their distinctiveness in comparison to other tattoo styles. The main reason why is because of each style’s different techniques, themes, and imagery, which are unique to these styles. Below, we will go over the basic differences and what to expect from both traditional and neo-traditional tattoo styles, as well as tips for deciding on which style to get.

Typical Designs of Traditional Style Tattoos

Traditional tattoo styles are the kind that have heavy influences from the old days when tattooing was first born into today’s modern world. The tattoo art form has been highly noticed among many cultures throughout Asia and Pacific tribal areas. Some classic tattoo themes that are considered traditional include:

  • Tattoos relating to Navy motifs that include banners, anchors, and sails.
  • A heart shape with a name inscribed with an arrow piercing through it.
  • American themed tattoos of classic Americana that includes roses and Eagles.

Traditional tattoos are found to use only gray, black, and one other color while the rest consists of the person’s natural skin tones. It is also important to note that both traditional and neo-traditional tattoos use the same styles found among modern technology used for tattooing. These styles also consist of higher quality inks that give better shading, making the details shine through. This allows them to reflect the neo-traditional style and designs we see today.

Typical Neo-Traditional Tattoo Designs of Today

The designs and styles that make up neo-traditional tattoos today are a combination of heavier, bolder, and brighter shades and outlines. These tattoo styles evolved from the more traditional tattoo styles and combined them with elements of animation. The end result is the overall saturation of colors. Although the traditional styles were consistent with flat colors, neo-traditional features rely on outlines that consist of bolder outlines, easier transitions among colors, and darker shading.

Deciding Which Style to Get

The topic of tattoos and the type to get has been highly debated in recent years and more so among the traditionalists. The main argument is that the vivid colors and designs of neo-traditional tattoos do not have as credible and authentic of a feel when compared to traditional tattoos. The thing that is truly certain though is the increased amount of popularity of both styles and the merits that each carries.

Ultimately, deciding on which road to take can be quite difficult. This is what happens though when it is considered a subjective choice to make. Both represent designs that are incredible and seem to have their own sense of style. This is why it is best to choose an artist that will be able to provide a multitude of styles and designs that can give you what you ask for.

In hindsight, the major differences between traditional and neo-traditional tattoos are seen in the imagery. Whether it is lighthouses, diamonds, or candles, just about anything can become a reference to either a traditional or neo-traditional tattoo.

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