The Least Painful Tattoo Spots

There are many spots on our body that are more sensitive than others. Sometimes you don’t get much of a choice, because the spot that you want to get a tattoo on is the spot that gives you the most surface area. And sometimes the spot that is absolutely painless can be the spot with almost no room. But once you have decided on the type of tattoo you want to get, and designed it, there are still some more decisions to be made.

Before picking a body part, decide how big do you want the tattoo to be? As well, decide if you want the tattoo to be hidden or not. There are also varying levels of hidden. You can have them hidden when you’re at the office, but let them show when you are wearing swimsuits at the beach. Below we will be going over what places hurt the least, and the areas with the most and least surface area.

Some of the areas that are not especially painful, at least compared to areas nearby, include the thighs. The thigh has a very small amount of nerve endings, meaning that you can get a tattoo there without much pain. This is also one of those places that you can let those close to you see, but then hide perfectly if you have to go to something that is formal. The front area of the thigh also is a very big area, meaning plenty of room to get that big tattoo you’ve always wanted.

If you don’t mind having an area that is a bit more exposed, the shin can be pretty painless. In fact, they tend to hurt less than a thigh piece would. But with shin pieces, it becomes a necessity to wear pants if you want to hide them. But something to keep in mind is that not everyone has to care about their tattoo being exposed. Some of us are luckily enough to work in industries that allow them to be self-employed, have more relaxed employers, or a customer base that is made up of more accepting and less corporate people. Whatever the case is, you still may have court or a new job offer someday, so it can help to be able to hide it if needed. The shin will be best for designs that are longer than they are wide.

The finger is also great place to get a tattoo, especially if you do not have a big design. Something a lot of people like to do is have rings tattooed on their fingers. You can still double up and get proper wedding bands, but the tattoo can be great for couples. You’re saying that you think the relationship you have is permanent, that this isn’t temporary. You also get the benefit of not having to worry about the ring falling off when doing outdoors activities.

Other spots include the shoulder, the chest, behind the ear on your head, upper back, upper neck, and the stomach.

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