Foodies Who Love Ink

People choose the designs they tattoo their bodies with for many reasons. Often tattoos have a deeper meaning or pay tribute to loved ones and past experiences. Other times, tattoos are more playful or even humorous. As being a foodie becomes more and more of a hobby, we’ll see more and more that people are incorporating culinary themes into their tattoos. And, just like any other tattoo, these images can be representational of a deeper meaning or simply for fun.

Foodies And Ink

Foodies come in a variety of forms. There are foodies who love high-end fine dining, those who love fast food, meat lovers, vegetarians, and people eating for health. No matter their differences, they all share a love for food. Some of these foodies may be chefs, bakers, holistic healers, or simply just food-lovers. All of these different tastes and interests help determine how foodies may ink their body in tribute to their love for food.

Funny Food Tattoos

Often times the food tattoos that are the least serious and elegant are designs that include fast food. Pizza is one of the world’s most loved foods, and this is unsurprisingly showing up in tattoo culture. There are a variety of pizza tattoos out there—from simple images of a pizza slice to images that humanize the pizza, giving it facial characteristics and implying that pizza is a friend, there is a great variety of ink art paying homage to the Italian pie.

Culinary Ink

The restaurant world has its own culture and community. The people who contribute to keeping it alive, like cooks and servers, are the backbone of the industry. Their love for food, service, and community runs deep, so it’s no surprise when we see employees of the culinary world capturing their dedication to the industry through body art. Bakers have been seen with electric mixer tattoos. Some chefs have kitchen knife tattoos and the words “love food” written across their knuckles. Baristas have been seen with cups of coffee inked onto their skin. Working in the culinary world is a lifestyle, and we see this shine through in the world of body art.

Health And Body Art

A huge food movement taking place right now is oriented towards whole foods that are sustainably grown and locally sourced. This farm-to-table culture and eating for health outlook also affect how food lovers ink their bodies. In this realm, people choose tattoos like beets, asparagus, dandelion, mushrooms, and herbs; we even see people paying homage to the wildlife that creates our food, with examples such as bee tattoos.

Making A Statment

Adorning our bodies is often interpreted as making a statement. Whether or not this is our intention, it often still happens, and food lovers across the board are doing just that with food oriented tattoos. Whether it has to do with the process, the food itself, or just the simple joy we experience from food we love, all food tattoos are unique in their own way. What makes a food tattoo special is what makes any tattoo special: the connection the wearer has to the art.

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