Tattoos: Unexpected Challenges

Having works of art placed for eternal remembrance on the skin in the form of a tattoo can be wonderful. These ink images mean something to the person who wishes to carry the picture forever. In most walks of life this skin art is accepted, and more so in the world today than just 20 years ago. However, there are exceptions to that. Some people who are searching for employment may run into discrimination if the tattoo cannot be covered during work hours. People trying to come to the United States for the purpose of a Green Card may also find obtaining a Visa or Green Card difficult as there are very strict rules when it comes to tattoos. People who wish to join any branch of the military will find it difficult as well if they have certain types of tattoos.

Applicants that wish to obtain a Green Card or one of many forms of Visas in the United States will find that certain types of tattoos are heavily frowned upon. These individuals will find it hard if not impossible to have an approved application. Sometimes people are turned down for Visa or Green Card applications even if they have the tattoo removed. Any tattoo that the government believes to be gang related has a chance of rejection with the application. During the mandatory physical that is required for the processing of the application the physician will ask about any skin art that is present. Drug related tattoos are also frowned upon and the applicant will be tested for drug use during the physical. Sometimes applicants will need to undergo a psychological evaluation to determine the meaning behind the tattoo before a decision is made on the application.

The military is a bit pickier than the Immigration officers when it comes to many forms of body art including tattoos. They forbid tattoos that appear to be extreme or offensive. This would include ink that displays any form of racial, religious, or gender prejudice. Just about any form of skin art that is considered to be demeaning would be prohibited. They do allow other forms of tattoos as long at the uniform covers it. This means facial tattoos or certain forms of hand tattoos would not be allowed.

Some employers have also been known to discriminate against various forms of body art. In just the last few years several lawsuits have been brought up to help resolve this problem. Some explain that the body art they chose is for religious purposes and others explain that discriminating against their form of body art takes away their right to freedom. At this time a law forbidding any type of body art discrimination does not exist. This will change as more and more individuals get and display their tattoos.

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