Does Your Tattoo Need A Touch Up?

While most people think of tattoos as permanent, they can sometimes require additional maintenance years after they’ve been completed, in the form of a touch up. Getting a tattoo touched up doesn’t mean changing or covering it. Instead, touch ups take an already present tattoo that has blurred or faded, and refurbish it so that it’s as clear and vivid as when it was originally applied.

What Causes Tattoos to Need Touch Ups?

There are a variety of situations that can leave a tattoo needing a touch up. One of the most common of these is excessive sun exposure. Too much time tanning can lead to tattoos fading and losing their shine. Using good sunscreen can help prevent this, but the best prevention is staying out of the sun. Spending too much time in the water can also can tattoos to fade and become blurry. When this happens, a touch up may be needed.

How to Tell if You Need a Touch Up

After getting a new tattoo, it’s often recommended that clients return and have a touch up after six months. This time can vary, depending on the intricacy of the tattoo and how quickly your body heals. This six month touch up can give a new tattoo a clearer, more colorful appearance. After this first touch up, deciding if your tattoo needs another touch up is up to you. Keep an eye on your artwork, watching for blurriness or faded color.

Getting a Touch Up Appointment

A touch up can be simple or complex, depending on the size of the artwork and the amount of it that needs to be retouched. Because the time it takes for a touch up can vary, depending on how much needs to be refurbished, it’s a good idea to make an appointment ahead of time. Some tattoo shops will allow walk ins, but it’s in your best interest to call ahead if nothing else.

Price of a Touch Up

Price is often an important factor when you are getting a tattoo touched up. The cost of a tattoo touch up depends on the tattoo artist. Some artists will guarantee their work, meaning that clients that take good care of their tattoos may be able to get a free touch up. Even if your artist doesn’t offer free touch ups, the touch ups usually cost less than a full tattoo, and like a new tattoo, the price can vary by size.

Getting a touch up can require some thought. Deciding when and what parts to touch up is up to you. What you get done and how it will look is going to depend on the artist and the amount of work that you need done. The price is often worked out between the client and the artist, so be sure to communicate with your artist when you get your tattoo. If you would like more information about getting a tattoo touched up, visit the San Marcos Tattoo Emporium in San Marcos, TX.

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