San Marcos Tattoo Emporium

Dave Mesa

Owner / Piercer
Tattoo by Eddie Martinez

Eddie Martinez

Tattoo Artist
Piercings by Kaley

Kaley McDonald

Tattoo by David Wofford


Tattoo Artist

Felipe Ramos

Tattoo Artist / Illustrator
Tattoo by Travis Gunter

Travis Gunter

Tattoo Artist
The San Marcos Tattoo Emporium team poses in front of a wall covered with art.

Who We Are

San Marcos Tattoo Emporium is a long-standing business in San Marcos, serving Martians for over a decade! We’re a band of friends, a troupe of artists, a team of tattoo artists who are all brought together by the love of one thing: tattoos.

Featured Work

By the Emporium’s talented tattoo and piercing artists.

Get Some Merch

Each of our tattoo artists also has prints for sale. Support your local artist by checking out what each one has to offer here.